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Punisher War Zone: Armory
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The Punisher is a thoroughly seasoned combat veteran of exception skills. A former U.S. Marine Captain with a distinguished combat record and having undergone SEAL (Sea Air Land) training, UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) training, and LRPA (Long Range Patrol) training, he is well versed in the arts of warfare and hand-to-hand combat. Armed solely with conventional weapons and motivated by a fanatical hatred for criminals like those who murdered his family, the Punisher has single-handedly incapacitated up to a dozen well-armed and experienced opponents in a single encounter and escaped uninjured.

He’s a warrior fighting lonely, un-winnable war. He has few, if any friends. His family is dead. Every law enforcement agency in the world, from S.H.I.E.L.D. to The NYPD, hunts him. The rest of New York’s heroes consider him a pariah, a lose cannon at best, Meet Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, a one man judge, jury and executioner.

While he tries to remain stoic and pretend to be unmoved by his violent lifestyle and ruthless mission, he’s tormented by the murder of his family. Castle was a war veteran who returned home, receive the Congressional Medal of Honor and be reunited with his wife and two children.

Celebrating his return with a picnic in Central Park, the Castle Family stumbled upon a gangland execution and were gunned down. Only Frank survived. After avenging his family, he decided to wage war on all criminals.

In a world of do-gooders, other characters find Punisher’s methods unnerving. He diametrically opposes their own deeply held philosophies. He’s run up against Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America (although they’re both veterans), Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Nick Fury and even Wolverine. The Punisher is unique, even in a Universe full of unique personalities.

He has no super powers or secret identity, he’s simply a normal man fighting a war on crime. His only training came from the Marine Corp. He’s a master at all forms of hand to hand combat and an expert marksman. He’s also the first gun toting vigilante in modern comics. Where most heroes have a code against killing, the Punisher makes no bones about his goal to exterminate all criminals.

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This community welcomes any and all Punisher related discussion; comics, movies, games, apparel, collectables, writers, artists, hypothetical scenarios, fan art, or creative writing. Whether you’ve been a fan for thirty days, or thirty years, come in and join the discussion.

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Without law there can be no order: Given the subject matter of this community, the rules are going to be really lax here.

Advertising: Any and all advertising must be comics related and must be approved by me prior to posting. Approval is also contingent upon agreement of a banner exchange. (I want to whore out my community as much as you do.)

Discussion: Discussions should be somehow related to Punisher material. With any discussion, disagreements will arise. In fact, I encourage a good argument. If you don’t have thick skin then I suggest joining one of the do-gooder communities. Don’t come crying to me because you can’t take a little razzing. I’m just going to laugh at you. However, when flaming, DO NOT make personal threats! I am the judge, jury and executioner; and I will not hesitate to punish the wicked.

Patriotism: I don’t care where you stand politically. Left, right, or center, it doesn’t matter to me. But I absolutely will not stand for anti-American statements. America bashing, and assaults on our brave men and women in the armed services will get your ass banned without warning.

Enjoyment: I hope that everyone who joins enjoys being part of this community ant tells their friends about it. That’s it. Welcome, and have fun.

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